Amherst, NY Medical Review Officer

Amherst, NY medical review officerBusiness owners across the Empire State understand that government regulations are all a part and parcel of doing business. First, regulations ensure that companies across a broad spectrum of industries can proudly, as a result, display "365 Days Accident Free" every year. Secondly, failure to meet these obligations can lead to considerable fees and fines imposed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

An agency of the United States Department of Labor, OSHA regulations target a range of occupational concerns ranging from safety measures and working conditions, which can serve to affect your entire Amherst, New York business model. Complicating this scenario, the tableau of OSHA regulations is often shifting, so you should have expert training to ensure that you are in compliance.

Amherst NY Medical Review Officer Services

In the greater Amherst, New York area, here at HealthWorks WNY, we specialize in consulting with businesses across a wide spectrum of industries aimed at ensuring that they are in compliance with these myriads of shifting federal regulations.

Towards that end, we provide an array of services that include offering:

  • Physical Exams
  • Drug Screenings
  • Injury Reports

Additionally, we provide the services of an Amherst NY Medical Review Officer who will go to your facility to access your current safety protocols, make a point of pointing out and material failure in this regard before presenting a plan that will help your employees and managers transition to the new protocols.

Amherst NY Medical Review Officer Training

Here at HealthWorks WNY, we have medical review officer training designed to keep your employees safe, and keep your company out of hot water with the regulatory process. Why take chances when HealthWorks WNY is standing be and waiting for your call? Contact us, and we will send out an Amherst NY medical review officer training expert. Don't risk having your business closed down in Amherst, New York owing to non-compliance for a raft of regulations when we can help.