Buffalo, NY Pulmonary Testing Services

Workers in a wide variety of occupation face exposure to respiratory hazards that make the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as a respirator mandatory, however, these workers must first be tested to ensure that their lungs are healthy enough to use a respirator at work.

Here at HealthWorks-WNY, our team of occupational health experts are committed to keeping workers in upstate NY safe on the job with our OSHA-compliant pulmonary testing services available through both our mobile unit and our Buffalo-area clinics.

What Is Pulmonary Testing?

Buffalo Pulmonary Testing

Pulmonary testing, also known as pulmonary function testing, measures the health and performance of your employees' lungs using a breathing device known as a spirometer.

During the testing, a member of our medical team will conduct a series of tests to determine lung volume, airflow, and the amount of oxygen that is being moved from the air into the bloodstream. To conduct the tests, the employee breathes into a sterile mouthpiece while seated; they may be asked to breathe deeply, exhale with force, or briefly hold their breath.

The results of the tests are recorded on a computer and analyzed to determine whether or not your employee can work while wearing a respirator. We can also conduct both baseline and ongoing pulmonary testing to monitor your employees for any occupational-related changes to their lung health and functioning.

Your Local Occupational Health Partner

As a full-time dedicated occupational health service, our team of licensed physicians, physicians' assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses have the skills and experience needed to help ensure your company is in compliance with all state and federal laws and regulations regarding worker health and safety.

To learn more about our convenient pulmonary testing services in Buffalo, and for more information about occupational health standards and monitoring, call or email us today.