About Us:

HealthWorks-WNY consists of 2 occupational health clinics in the Buffalo area and offers the convenience of onsite medical services.  Our medical staff is dedicated to practicing full-time occupational health services at our facilities. They are knowledgeable on FMCSA & DOT rules and agency regulations including OSHA and offer Medical Review Officer Services for evaluating drug test results. 

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 Mark Costanza
 Mark Costanza, MD


Stuart Dorfman
Stuart Dorfman, MD

Kimberly Oddo
Kimberly Oddo, MD

Gary Elliott
Gary Elliott, RPA-C

Nicole Schmidt
Nicole Schmidt, RPA-C

Mary Hurley
Mary Hurley, RPA-C


 Jill Jolley
Jill Jolley, RPA-C

Susan McClure
Susan McClure, RPA-C


 Julie Teprovich
Julie Teprovich, RPA-C

Suzanne Todtenhagen
Suzanne Todtenhagen, RN