Medical Staff:

HealthWorks-WNY operates out of 2 occupational health clinics in the Buffalo area, and also offers the convenience of on-site medical services delivered through its On-Site Services Division.  Our medical staff is dedicated full-time to the practice of occupational medicine.  In addition to providing Medical Review Officer (MRO) services, they are knowledgeable about numerous federal and state agency regulatory requirements, including but not limited to FMCSA, DOT, OSHA, NYS DOH, NYSED, and NYS Workers' Compensation Board. 

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 Mark Costanza
 Mark Costanza, MDMRO


Stuart Dorfman
Stuart Dorfman, MD, MRO

Kimberly Oddo
Kimberly Oddo, MD, MRO

Gary Elliott
Gary Elliott, PA-C

Nicole Schmidt
Nicole Schmidt, PA-C

Mary Hurley
Mary Hurley, PA-C


 Jill Jolley
Jill Jolley, PA-C

Melissa Hubert staff member
Melissa Huber, PA-C


Julie Teprovich
Julie Teprovich, PA-C