Occupational Health Services Available

Physical and Substance Abuse Services available

Healthworks WNY strives to provide a wide range of occupational health services that fit many kinds of needs in the community. 
We provide various types of physicals for both employment, collegiate enrollment or athletics, along with substance abuse testing, including tests for both drugs and alcohol. We also offer comprehensive injury management and care, services to help you meet your OSHA requirements, and a selection of additional services to help provide better for our patients. 
Below is a complete list of the occupational medicine services currently offered by HealthWorks WNY. For additional information on any of our available services, call us at 716-712-0670.


If you are an employer seeking physical services for your employees, HealthWorks WNY provides several options depending on the specific exam you need. We also offer exams for college students and athletes, immigration physicals, and a work skill assessment program.


Substance Abuse Testing

One of the most sought after services by our business clients is drug and alcohol testing. Not only do we provide the best available testing in WNY, but we also offer randomized testing, consortium management, and have 24/7 and after-hours testing services available. 


Injury Care

Healthworks WNY provides the highest quality injury management services. These programs allow employees to minimize time out of work, pursue rehabilitation, and lessen the chances of permanent injury or disability, benefitting both the employer and employee. 

OSHA Requirements

We provide a full range of services that help businesses that must meet OSHA requirements, including respirator fit testing, audiograms, pulmonary function testing, and more. 


Additional Occupational Medicine Services

In addition to the services mentioned above, we also offer additional services to better provide for our clientele. We offer online results, vaccines, wellness programs, mobile services and more. If you require more information about these services, call us today. 

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