Commercial Driver Fitness Determination:

Qualification to drive a Commercial Vehicle requires the driver to complete a Department of Transportation (DOT) medical exam. Listed below are some areas that will be evaluated during the exam, along with qualification criteria.

Health History

All questions must be answered completely and honestly. Falsifying health history, or non-disclosure to avoid limitations on certification, may result in disqualification.

Vision Test

All drivers are required to have at least 20/40 vision, in each eye, separately and together (with or without the use of corrective lenses). Failure to meet this standard will result in disqualification until the vision is corrected to at least 20/40. A visual acuity re-test must be completed after corrective lenses are obtained.

Hearing Test

Drivers are required to have hearing acuity in at least one ear (with or without the use of a hearing aid). If a forced whisper cannot be heard, an audiometer will be used to determine hearing acuity. Drivers, who are unable to hear out of at least one ear, will be disqualified.

Blood Pressure

Commercial driver fitness Buffalo, NYDrivers may qualify for a 2 year certification if their blood pressure is under control: ≤140/90. If a driver has a diagnosis of Hypertension, certification is for one year if the blood pressure is ≤140/90. For drivers whose blood pressure is elevated during the exam, depending on the degree of hypertension, a 1 month to 1 year certification may be given, with follow-up forms to be completed by the driver's treating physician. After the hypertension has been evaluated and treated, with the blood pressure ≤140/90, a DOT card will be issued for the remainder of the year and annual certification will be required to assess stability of hypertension.

The driver exam meets Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration Requirements for CDL holders, Parts 391.41 and 391.43 and Department of Transportation requirements for Bus Drivers (19A). The exam will be reported on the New York State Truck Motor Truck Association Form.