Computerized Support of Drug Testing Methodologies

HealthWorks-WNY will provide unbiased, confidential, random computer generated selections for your company.  Our consortium management services are recommended by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

HealthWorks-WNY uses SYSTOC® software, created and maintained by Occupational Health Research of Skowhegan, ME, in support of its occupational health practice.  SYSTOC uses a random number generator supplied by Microsoft as part of the Visual Basic programming language, and supports the Random Pools method for obtaining a random sample.  SYSTOC facilitates the random selection process, maintains records on company-specific drug testing regimens and stores a history of the selection, which includes details such as eligible employees, employees selected, and whether the selected individuals were tested.

The Random Pools method makes use of alternates.  Alternates are individuals who will be tested if any of the originally selected subjects are unavailable on the day of the test and for the remainder of the testing period due to reasons outlined in DOT Regulations.