Occupational Health Services in Buffalo

Occupational health is concerned with the prevention of illnesses and the overall health of employees. The ultimate goal of occupational health services is to foster a safe working environment. Healthworks WNY shares this goal. We aim to provide comprehensive medical services for companies in the Buffalo area that look after Buffalo occupational health. Healthworks WNY occupational services have a fully trained team of registered nurses, physicians, physician assistants, medical assistants, and X-ray technicians. All the offered services of Healthworks WNY are geared towards meeting the requirements of the DOT, OSHA Compliancy standards, and NYS Board of Workers Compensation Requirements. Healthworks WNY is an esteemed company among providers of Buffalo's occupational health services.

Buffalo Occupational Health ServicesSome of the services of Buffalo occupational health are drug screening and alcohol testing. Companies are increasingly growing strict over these requirements because the last thing a company needs is an employee suffering from substance abuse. This can severely affect work ethics and performance. Healthworks WNY is committed to providing their clients with drug and alcohol testing facilities to meet the requirements of 49CFR, Part 40. Occupational services for wny drug testing include pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, follow-up, post-accident, and collection-only tests. This is definitely one of the most comprehensive tests around Buffalo. Alcohol testing services are only done by a Certified Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT), ensuring that there are no false results.

A great risk in going to work is spreading or contracting illness from other people. This is why Buffalo occupational health prioritizes immunization shots that protect people from contagious and potentially deadly diseases. Healthworks WNY provides immunization shots for the following ailments: Seasonal Influenza vaccine, Hepatitis A and B, Twinrix (a combination of Hepatitis A and B), Tetanus-Diphtheria, M-M-R vaccine, Varicella vaccine, and other shots that can be requested in advance. There are about 5.6 million workers that are at risk of exposure to highly contagious diseases. In such a populated area, WNY occupational services definitely strive to provide immunization shots to employees.

Another important occupational health service is injury management. Occupational health services are particularly important in companies where workers are exposed to various physical hazards. This is very common among firefighters, railway companies, and construction companies, among others. Healthworks WNY takes care of injured employees through a rehabilitation program and superior medical care. Healthworks WNY understands that employees have to resume work as soon as possible to earn money. The aim is to reduce the time-off made by the employee and reduce permanent disability. Healthworks WNY constantly monitors the patient’s progress and submits a report to the employer on the diagnosis and treatment. The designated Healthworks official will also inform the employer if the employee is fit to resume working.

The best Buffalo occupational health services are found at Healthworks WNY. Its owners, Mark Constanza, MD and Stuart Dorfman, MD, have had years of experience in providing medical services in Buffalo. Healthworks WNY has three branches placed strategically all over Buffalo, NY so companies can conveniently utilize their services. They also provide mobile services if the employees cannot go to their branches.