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workplaceHealthWorks-WNY offers a comprehensive range of services for wellness programs.  We can assess demographics and conduct interest surveys to provide useful programs that will impact your bottom line.  For more information on our complete list of Wellness Program options, please contact us at 716.712.0670 ext 3224. 


No matter where you are in the WNY area, we will provide your workplace with our workplace wellness programs. Whether you are in Buffalo, Amherst, or a surrounding area, we will set you up with a wellness program to help enable your employees to improve their health and wellness. We will make sure to grow your knowledge on creating a work environment that fits the definition of health awareness. 


What Are The Benefits Of Wellness Programs?

Aside from some of the more obvious reasons of wellness programs, there are benefits that may be overlooked when determining whether or not to get a wellness program for your employees. Sure, your employees will likely become more healthy if they participate, but again, there is more to it!


Wellness programs can lead to healthy employee behaviors outside of the workplace. This is ultimately the best for everyone. Not only is your employee going to lead a healthier life, but this lessens unhealthy behaviors, which lessens health risks, which lessens chronic diseases, ultimately reducing healthcare costs for your business. 


Wellness programs tend to also improve productivity. There are links between employees who partake in unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking, no exercise, and poor diet, to the amount of time wasted or working inefficiently. Employees who have good health behaviors, controltheir stress, have healthy blood pressure, and are not overweight tend to have lower absenteeism. 


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Contact our staff today to learn more about all of our services we can provide for your workplace. We have an abundance of occupational health services that can often be performed on site at your place of employment. We aim to see the workforce of Western New York healthy, motivated, and productive.

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