What you need to bring with you:

To facilitate the processing of the paperwork for U.S. Immigration Physical Exams, please bring the following documents:

  • Picture identification such as a passport or other Federally approved documentation (state identification such as a driver's license and school ID is not acceptable).
  • Your medical records for any chronic or serious medical problem
  • Your immunization records, even childhood records, if available
  • Alien Registration number if you have one (starts with an "A"),
  • I-693 medical form if you have one, otherwise it will be provided by Healthworks-WNY


Healthworks-WNY understands the time sensitive nature of these examinations. Usually, the paperwork for the physical examination and blood work portion are completed within 2 business days. Returning within 2 to 3 days for the TB skins test review and completion of all required immunizations, allows patients to receive their paperwork in a timely manner.

If medical records are not in English, please have them translated before presenting them during a medical visit. Translator services can be arranged through Healthworks-WNY for an additional charge.

Scheduling Appointments:

Appointments are required. Please call our Depew clinic at 716-206-0390 ext 2.