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Healthworks Western New York provides DOT physicals to drivers around the Cheektowaga, NY area. Whether you are an individual looking for an updated DOT physical or you are a company needing to schedule a physical for a potential employee, we can help get you the documentation needed. We can even travel to your site and provide your employees with physical examinations to help work around your schedule. 


WBusy Highwayhat You Can Expect From Our DOT Examinations


Physical exam to test individual capabilities. 

  • Eye test
  • Hearing test
  • Blood pressure
  • Health history
  • Screening for pre-existing medical conditions that may hinder the driver's ability to perform duties safely.

Our examinations are designed to meet the necessary federal regulatory requirements. Included in our tests are the prerequisites for the department of transportation which include a review of the driver's medical history, physical exam, and the DOT medical card. We will help you secure the necessary documents needed for your license to help make the process as smooth as possible. 

19A Physical Exams

19A physicals are very similar to the DOT physicals for those who are looking to become a school bus driver. To be a school bus driver, you must complete the 19A exam to ensure your safety and safety of your passengers. These are required by federal regulations. If you will be a school bus driver who drives across state lines, you may have to take both the 19A physical and the DOT physical exams. Healthworks WNY is a one-stop-shop as we can provide you with both of these exams.


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