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Looking to become a driver or need to get your employees examined? Rely on Healthworks WNY for DOT physicals and 19A physicals. We have a highly trained staff that will make sure you or your employees are physically healthy enough for the job. We adhere to the federal regulations for standards on which you are able to obtain your license. For your convenience, we can even travel to you, set up on-site, and provide your team with the DOT and 19A physical examinations needed. We can provide the necessary paperwork to make this as easy a process as possible.


WBusy Highwayhat You Can Expect From Our DOT Examinations

Your doctor will get an understanding of your past health history which includes the history of any surgeries you have had, medications you are currently using, specific diagnoses, substance issues, and symptoms. After this, your physical examination begins. This includes a blood pressure test, an eye test, and a hearing test. You will also be asked to pass a urinalysis test. Your overall health will be examined and your doctor will check each body system to make sure you are healthy enough for the job.


19A Physical Exams

A 19A physical examination is similar to a DOT exam for potential school bus drivers. Our examinations are designed to meet the necessary federal regulatory requirements. This physical includes a drug and alcohol test for pre-employment. There is some paperwork that is required if you are looking to become a school bus driver. Healthworks WNY will help you obtain the necessary documentation for a smooth application and testing process.

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Rely on us for your DOT and 19A physical examinations so you can begin driving!

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