Hair Drug Test

Healthworks WNY provides hair drug tests for Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas. This is a method that companies often use when determining if a potential candidate to hire is going to be a good fit for the company. These can also be used for current employees to make sure that the employee continues to be a good fit for the company while they are under their employment. 

About The Hair Follicle Test

For a proper hair follicle drug test, we will need to collect a number of hair follicles. This doesn’t necessarily have to be from just your head. In some cases, for those who don’t have a lot of or any hair on their head, body hair works as well. This works because hair requires blood to grow and it absorbs blood directly through the follicles root. When substances are present in the bloodstream, it gets absorbed and traces of it can be identified. This typically remains present for up to 90 days, or the hair is cut past the indication of drug use. The other unique aspect of hair follicle drug testing is that because hair continuously grows, we are presented with a timeline, showing an approximation of whether detected drug use was more recent or in the past. It is like having a permanent record attached throughout your body’s hair. Hair drug tests are advantageous because they cannot be cheated. It can detect multiple or ongoing drug use. 


DOT Testing

Healthworks office

For those who need to have a DOT exam completed, we do those as well. More information can be found on our DOT page.


Why Choose Healthworks?

We provide accurate and reliable hair drug tests and can even travel to you and do an onsite drug test if necessary. Our Medical Review Officer can properly ensure the results of the drug tests are accurate and provide explanations if necessary. 24/7 after hours testing is available and we also have a random testing program. Our staff combines for over 50 years of experience in the occupational medicine field and we are proud to serve those in Western New York.

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