Amherst DOT Physical

HealthWorks-WNY is proud to offer Amherst DOT physicals and 19A exams to members of the Amherst community. Before securing a commercial state license, state and federal licensing eligibility requirements require a complete and thorough physical exam. This requirement must be adhered to before getting licensed.

The purpose of these physicals is to ensure optimal health of individuals who will be responsible for the operation of commercial vehicles. HealthWorks-WNY provides community members of Amherst with superior health services and our staff is highly-trained in handling these types of physicals.

We provide Amherst DOT physicals and Amherst 19A exams for Department of Transportation Employees (DOT), Independent Commercial Vehicle Operators, and for those seeking a Commercial Driver's License (CDL).

DOT Physicals Amherst

The purpose of the DOT physical is to ensure that the DOT driver does not have any present medical conditions or pre-existing medical conditions that would make it unsafe for him or her to operate a commercial vehicle. DOT physicals have been custom-tailored to meet the needs of the state and the federal government's regulatory requirements.

Amherst DOT PhysicalsAlong with providing you with your DOT physicalHealthWorks-WNY can also help potential drivers to secure any and all documents that they need to further assist them with securing their license. During an exam you can expect a complete review of a driver's medical history, a thorough physical exam, and a review of the DOT medical card.

The 19A exams are similar to the DOT physicals only that they have been custom-tailored to meet the needs of state and federal regulations for school bus drivers. If a school bus driver has to drive across state lines, they will more than likely be required to take both the DOT physical and the 19A exam. School bus drivers must pass this physical to obtain a license and to remain licensed.

When you're ready to schedule an Amherst DOT physical or 19A exam contact us right away. We can perform exams at our location or we can come to you if you prefer. Our HealthWorks-WNY vehicle makes it simple to ensure that all of your employees have their physicals in a timely manner that is at your convenience and the convenience of your valued employees. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.