Amherst Drug Testing

Whether you do it by choice or you are in an industry that mandates it, drug testing is a simple and efficient way to ensure a safer and more efficient workplace. In addition to the fact that employees who are under the influence of drugs have decreased work productivity, they also represent a significant threat to the health of other employees. Employees who are under the influence are more likely to engage in a workplace accident, which can easily injure themselves or others, especially if your Amherst business is involved in transportation, construction, manufacturing, or some other high risk industry. If you want to avoid injuries and lost workplace production, your business needs workplace drug screening services from Healthworks WNY.

Pre-Screenings and MoreAmherst Drug Testing

At Healthworks WNY we provide a wide range of workplace drug screening procedures. The best way to ensure that your employees are drug free is to require pre-employment screenings for every potential hire. Our conveniently located offices in the Amherst area offer regular weekday appointments, evening appointments, and even weekend appointments, which should be flexible enough for any potential new hire.

In addition, we recommend random screenings to ensure workplace rules regarding drugs continued to be followed. In order to assist with this, we have software that can easily choose random employees for workplace drug screening. Additionally, because we offer mobile services, we can provide that random drug testing at your business, any time of the day, including second and third shift, any day of the week.

DOT Testing

If your Amherst business is regulated by DOT requirements, you need drug testing from a company that offers DOT compliant workplace drug screening procedures. Our testing procedures actually surpasses all DOT regulations. We provide a full range of drug and alcohol testing that is assessed by medical professionals. All results are confidential and available to your business online. Furthermore, we will provide your Amherst business with semi-annual Compliancy Reports so that you can prove your business is following all required regulations. Contact Healthworks WNY today to ensure that your Amherst business is using the most professional and up-to-date DOT testing procedures possible.