Mobile Health Services For Amherst, NY

To keep things running smoothly in the workplace, it is ideal for the employees in your workplace to remain in great health at all times. This is especially true in specific industries like the healthcare industry, for example. That's why it's vital to make the health of your workers a priority annually and with new hires to ensure that your worker's are healthy and can handle the tasks that they must perform on the job.

Sometimes it's more time consuming and a hassle to send your workers out for their new hire health services or when there's a problem. With HealthWorks WNY, there's no hassle or waste of time with our health services. Because when you're in need of health services, we're able to cater to your schedule and to the needs of your employees by coming to you. We're able to make this happen with our Amherst mobile health services.

On-Site Services That We Provide

Using a custom designed trailer, we're able to provide your employees with the following health services:

  • Employee Wellness Fairs and Clinics
  • Immunizations, Laboratory Services, and Tuberculosis
  • DOT Physicals and 19A Exams
  • DOT and Non-DOT Breath Alcohol Testing
  • DOT and Non-DOT Drug Testing
  • Hearing Conservation/Audiograms
  • Respirator Clearance

 Amherst Mobile Health Services

The entire process is stress-free and easy to get started with and was designed to make your life easier as an employer. Our mobile trailer features all of the necessary equipment to perform various types of health screenings and services, and we take great pride in the experience of our staff. Through timely, professional on-site health screening, the healthcare needs of your employees are met in an efficient manner.

Services are available for any shift, including third shift. If you're ready to start saving time and reducing the stress of sending employees out for healthcare screenings, then give us a call. Contact us today to learn more about our Amherst mobile health services.