Amherst Occupational Physician

When you are in need of an Amherst Occupational Physician, see the professionals at HealthWorks WNY. We specialize in caring for those who have injuries affecting their jobs and careers, so that you will get back to work in the shortest time possible.

At HealthWorks WNY, we know that time means money. You cannot afford to be out for an extended time due an unexpected job-related injury. We have a team of dedicated occupational physicians, nurse practitioners, and medical assistants to help with your medical needs after an injury or accident.

Accidents Happen, Healthworks WNY Can Help! 

Have you suffered from a work-related fall or accident? You need an Amherst Occupational Physician who cares about you and can help you recover from even the worst occupation-related injuries. We take each patient's needs seriously and we keep up on the latest OSHA Standards of Compliance, DOT Requirements, and the NYS Board of Works Compensation regulations.

We have three locations in the WNY area. HealthWorks also helps with the employees of our clients, so we can save business owners time. Our occupational professional physicians work hard to get you back in shape again with all of the latest treatments to get you in shape again after an injury or accident.

Occupational Physicians in AmherstAmherst Occupational Physician

Our Amherst Occupational Physicians will be there when you need us to offer the best, most professional medical attention when it matter the most and get your employees back to work quickly and efficiently.

We will make visits to your workplace location as well, saving you even more time and money! Just call on us anytime you need an occupational physician in the Buffalo or Amherst NY area and we can fix you up right away.

When it really matters, we are there with any occupational physician services that you need to get people back to work. 

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