Amherst On-site Health Services

Amherst On-site Health Services

The health of any work place's employees should always be a priority, regardless of the industry because your work force is what keeps your industry moving and flowing. Unhealthy employees, whether physically or emotionally healthy, results in poor work performance and employee down-time. Down time for employees equals loss of profits for some industries and other industries left shorthanded.

With HealthWorks WNY's Amherst on-site health services, our professional medical team has the ability to come to you and your valued employees. Using our state-of-the-art mobile trailer, we're able to provide you with a great magnitude of health care related services.

We can provide you with everything from physical examinations and eye exams to x-rays and drug and alcohol screening. Regardless of your particular industry, we can customize a plan of action for your employees and your work place.

On-Site Health Services in Amherst NY

Our on-site health services for employees of Amherst include but are not limited to the following:

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing: For both DOT and Non-DOT.
  • Hearing Tests
  • Vision Tests
  • Respirator Fit Testing
  • Laboratory Services: Some of which include immunizations and tuberculosis testing.
  • Wellness Clinics & Fairs for Employees

There are many benefits to on-site health services that you likely already realize, but some of these benefits include the ability to cater to employees working 2nd and 3rd shifts in addition to your day shift crew. If you have dedicated employees with busy lives, on-site health services makes it simple to reach out for a wide array of health care services right at the work place, which is completely convenient. With on-site services, employees do not have to schedule an appointment and then waste gas and time commuting to their healthcare professional.

If you're interested in learning more about the convenience of Amherst on-site health services, contact HealthWorks WNY today!