Amherst Pulmonary Testing for Workplace Compliance

Today's employers face numerous regulations they must follow in order to remain compliant while also protecting the health and well-being of their workers. One of these in many industrial applications is the requirement that employees wear a respirator. Some people do not have the lung capacity to do their job while wearing a respirator. Healthworks WNY provides pulmonary testing services in Amherst and surrounding areas. 

Before wearing a respirator on the job, employees and their employers must know that the employee is capable of properly functioning with one. In the industrial workplace, Amherst pulmonary testing is a critical step in ensuring the workplace is complaint with OSHA and New York State Health and Safety regulations and employees are properly protected.

Amherst Pulmonary Testing Services

Pulmonary testing in Amherst provided by Healthworks WNY measures the candidates' lung capacity using several distinct values. These are forced expiratory volume (FEV1), forced vital capacity (FVC) and Forced Expiratory Flow (FEF). Combined, these three values show a clear picture of the candidate's lung capacity. This, in turn, will show whether an individual is able to work properly while wearing a respirator, as is required in many industrial applications.Amherst Pulmonary Testing


Convenient Access to Pulmonary Testing in Amherst NY

Amherst pulmonary testing is available at one of our three locations in the region, or we can bring our testing equipment to your facility with our mobile services. Whether you send candidates to us or we come to you, this testing service will provide invaluable information to you as you seek to remain compliant while also protecting your employees and creating a safe, stable work environment. To schedule an appointment for Amherst pulmonary testing, please contact Healthworks WNY today!