Spirometry Testing Services For Amherst, NY

You may have never heard of spirometry testing, but it is a critical test to assure the long term health of your employees. Spirometry testing is a way of measuring lung capacity and functionality. Specifically, this test is used to assess whether a patient has, or may be at risk for, a number of conditions related to poor lung functionality. These conditions include:

  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Pulmonary Fibrosis

Discovering these conditions, or risk for these conditions, early can lead to a massive difference in quality and length of life in an employee.

Spirometry Testing Services

Amherst Spirometry Testing

If you are looking for spirometry testing in Amherst for your business, you can't find a better source than Healthworks WNY. At Healthworks WNY, we provide quick, efficient, inexpensive, and competent spirometry testing for Amherst businesses. The simple forced volume vital capacity test that we offer can be administered by a single medical technician in just a few minutes, providing near instant results. We offer spirometry testing in Amherst at one of three convenient locations or, alternatively, you can take advantage of our mobile testing service, and have all of the tests performed at your place of business, at a time that is most convenient to the schedule of your company.

Benefits of Testing Employees

Testing your employees for ongoing or potential conditions is an excellent way to protect the health of your employees and to save on insurance costs. At Healthworks WNY, we offer many types of testing beyond Amherst spirometry testing. By looking out for the health of your employees, your company will benefit from employees that have more energy and are less likely to take sick days. Show your employees you care about their health by getting life saving occupational testing for them, including spirometry testing from Healthworks WNY.


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