Annual Firefighter Physicals For Firefighters In Buffalo, NY

Healthworks WNY is the premiere provider of Occupational Health Services and Onsite Occupational Services in Buffalo. We cover all kinds of occupations, including construction, factory and even firefighting. With this proud tradition of ensuring the health and well being of all workers in Buffalo, we are excited to offer our Annual Firefighter Physicals in Buffalo.

Our firefighters are, in the most literal sense, life savers. Their job involves willfully entering high-risk situations, where injury is always a possibility. Due to this high probability of bodily harm, our government has put into place many guidelines and standards that must be met in order to ensure that our firefighters are at as low a risk as possible, and one of the most important factors with that includes maintaining excellent health and well being. Healthworks WNY is here to help, and so we ask you to consider our annual firefighter physicals in Buffalo.


Buffalo Annual Firefighter Physicals

annual firefighter physicals in Buffalo

We have been in the business of occupational health and safety for many years, we know all about the red tape involved in such industries, and we pride ourselves on the service we offer, and our annual physicals service for firefighters is no different. By taking part in these annual firefighter physicals, we can help to ensure that our firefighters are in top physical condition, and able to perform their job as efficiently and safely as possible.  


Our annual firefighter physicals in Buffalo are both extensive and thorough, and our highly knowledgeable and experienced staff of Occupational Physicians is able to provide high quality exams. Annual firefighter physicals in Buffalo are highly effective in providing early detection and prevention of many kinds of diseases, and health conditions that may make the performance of the firefighters job unsafe for the individual, as well as the rest of the group. Our annual firefighter physicals in Buffalo consist of a wide array of diagnostic screenings, physical and nutritional assessments, and an extensive physician examination with one-on-one counseling.  If you are looking for reliable Occupational Health services with the ability to perform annual firefighter physicals in Buffalo, we encourage you to contact us at any time. We will be happy to address any questions you may have!