Buffalo Respirator Clearance Test

Ensuring that your workplace's respirators are up to par and working properly is important for safety reasons of those who need to wear them in critical situations. It's also important to make sure that your facility is meeting the many requirements of OSHA regulations. When you're in need of a Buffalo Respirator Clearance Test to meet those regulations, HealthWorks WNY is standing by and ready to help. We provide a wealth of health services available to employers, including respirator fit testing.

Respirator Clearance Test in Buffalo

There are a few steps involved in the respirator fit testing process. During this process, there are several critical factors taken into consideration regarding the use of a respirator by employees.

These critical factors taken into consideration during a respirator fit test include:

  • Is the employee a risk while wearing and using a respirator mask?
  • Is the employee a smoker?
  • Does the employee have any serious medical illnesses or disorders?
  • Does the employee suffer from claustrophobia issues?
  • How long is the employee able to wear a respirator at one time?
  • What responsibilities does the employee have while wearing a respirator?


Buffalo Respirator Clearance testHealthWorks WNY will go over a long-list of health-related questions with the employee to ensure that the employee has medical clearance to wear the mask. The other two steps of this process include proper fitting of the mask with employees and whether the respirator mask is working efficiently and effectively.

A respirator mask that is not working properly could lead to a safety issue for the employee wearing the mask and could also hinder their ability to perform important tasks while wearing the mask. These factors are required by OSHA.

To learn more about the Buffalo Respirator Clearance Test or to request our respirator testing services, contact HealthWorks WNY today.