Return to Work Physical For Buffalo, NY Employees

Healthworks WNY offers a team of health care professionals that specialize in return to work physicals in the Buffalo, NY area.  Physicians, nurse practitioners, licensed nurses, technicians and highly-qualified medical assistants, make up our comprehensive team that can complete your back to work physical efficiently and provide thorough documentation for worker's compensation, motor vehicle accidents and other occupation related needs.

Our physicians and other medical professionals provide hands on examinations with a superior level of concern and care to ensure we understand the impact and extent of every injury we examine. Utilizing technology in our offices, our documentation is complete and offers specific diagnosis, treatment plans, recommendations for restrictions, if necessary, as well as a clear time-line for any recommended accommodations.

Return To Work Physicals in Buffalo

With convenient office hours, our friendly office allows for easy scheduling for back to work physicals and will work around the scheduling needs of our patients. We accommodate a diverse community and strive to provide a comfortable atmosphere for each patient. Taking the time to explain the back to work physical process to reduce anxiety, our medical professionals will take the time to explain all procedures thoroughly and educate on the basis of our findings.

Buffalo Return to Work PhysicalsWorker's compensation and other injury claims can be a stressful experience for any worker and the process of healing and returning to work, should be a journey towards independence and success, Healthworks WNY is a key partner in helping injured workers return to work fit and healthy and strives to provide superior patient services. Our comprehensive and concise documentation can reduce the frustration of even the most complex injury claims and cases and take the headache out of the return to work process. As an integral partner in health care, Healthworks WNY offers complete patient care with added value.