SCBA Fit Testing Services In Buffalo, NY

With the seemingly countless regulations from OSHA, it can become difficult to ensure that all of your workplace health standards arebeing put into practice on a regular basis. Luckily, with Healthworks WNY,you can rest assured that they know all of the ins and outs, and have all of your bases covered with their wide range of services, and that includes the Buffalo SCBA fit testing service.

When you take advantage of their SCBA fittesting services in Buffalo, they will immediately begin evaluating key factors that are crucial when it comes to SCBAs in the workplace and willdetermine whether each individual member of your workforce is fit to wear a SCBA,and will ensure the SCBAs themselves meet OSHA standards.

Healthworks WNY has the knowledge and ability to conduct thorough, efficient and precise SCBA fit testing.  The first concern is for the individual who will be wearing the SCBA. They must determine the answers to several key questions, including whether the employee is at risk while wearing a SCBA, whether he/she has medical coverage to wear a SCBA, isthe SCBA fitted and worn correctly, and has the individual been trained on care and maintenance of the SCBA?

At Healthworks, they offer two types of SCBA fit testingin Buffalo, the first of which is Qualitative SCBA fit testing.  With our qualitative SCBA fit testing in Buffalo, they are studying several key factors to:

  • Evaluate the condition of the SCBA
  • Properly adjust and fit the SCBA
  • Performa negative pressure seal check of each SCBA
  • Administer bitrex or nebulizedsaccharine (taste aversion agents), Isomyl acetate (banana oil) while using OSHA Fit Test Protocol 1910.134(f).

The second type of SCBA fit testing that they offer in Buffalo is Quantitative Fit Testing. They will be studying the following key factors with quantitative SCBA fit testing to: Buffalo SCBA Fit Testing

  • Evaluate thecondition of each SCBA
  • Properly adjust and fit the SCBA for each individual
  • Takea sampling and measurement of air particles in the face piece using the latestequipment, known as PortaCount. 
  • Ensure each SCBA meets that standards of SCBAfit testing according to the OSHA Fit Test Protocol 1910.134(f).

If you choose to take advantage of Buffalo SCBA fittesting from Healthworks WNY, you can rest assured that They will perform all tests to OSHA's standards. If you are interested in SCBA fit testing in Buffalo, or any other service from Healthworks WNY, please contact today!