Buffalo Workplace Health Testing

When it comes to occupational health and safety, you have to know that the people to whom you entrust the well being of your employees are experienced, highly trained and knowledgeable.  At Healthworks WNY, they know what it takes to gain the trust and respect of each and every one of their Buffalo clients.  When you choose Healthworks WNY, you are choosing the leader in Buffalo workplace health testing.  Their highly trained and experienced staff of physicians and nurses have been thoroughly trained in order to ensure that your job site or work environment complies with all health regulations and OSHA standards.

One way in which HealthworksWNY has been able to easily perform workplace health testing in Buffalo, is through their mobile, on-site health screening and health testing. They have developed and customized a mobile trailer which has the ability to perform a wide range of health services right on your job site, so there is no reason to worry about unproductive man-hours, distractions, and most importantly, losses in revenue.

Buffalo Workplace Health Testing

Workplace Health Testing in Buffalo

The most important factor that should determine your choice for workplace health testing in Buffalo, is the range of health services offered by your occupational health services provider, and Healthworks WNY offers a wide scope of Buffalo workplace health testing services and procedures, from alcohol and drug screens, to illness and injury prevention. Of course, they realize that, in this kind of work environment, illness and injury are highly probable.  In the event of an employee contracting an illness or injury, you can rest assure in the knowledge that they can offer a superior rehabilitation program and expert medical care.

Healthworks WNY truly offers the finest, most robust workplace health testing in Buffalo. The owners, Mark Costanza, MD, and Stuart Dorman, MD, have had numerous years of experience in providing Buffalo workplace health testing and other health services.  With three strategically placed branches throughout Buffalo, NY, their clients are able to conveniently utilize our services whenever needed.