Cheektowaga Audiology Testing

As the owner of a Cheektowaga business, your employees are important to the success of your business. When your employees are suffering physically, whether from illness, injuries, or other maladies, it negatively affects your business. That is why you want to protect the health of your employees by providing comprehensive testing services for all of their health needs. When it comes to audiology testing for your business, their is simply no company that can provide better testing services in the western New York area than Healthworks WNY.

Testing Made EasyCheektowaga Audiology Testing

One of the main challenges to providing hearing tests for your Cheektowaga business is finding the time to take those tests, especially if your business employs people during second and third shifts. Healthworks WNY has the solution to your problem.

In addition to our three convenient locations, Healthworks WNY also offers mobile audiology testing for your business. Our mobile testing provides service at convenient times, including on weekends and during second and third shifts. This allows your employees to have their hearing tested without significantly interfering with their work schedule.

Benefits of Audiology Testing

Damaged hearing and hearing loss can be a major threat to your business. In addition to the physical dangers it presents for industries like construction, hearing loss also greatly decreases productivity in just about any business. This correlates directly to lost profits.

Additionally, if hearing loss or damage is detected early, measures can be taken to prevent further damage and compensate for current loss or damage. The longer you wait to test, the more difficult hearing loss is to treat and usually the more expensive that treatment becomes.

Finally, in many industries hearing tests are mandatory due to the noise levels of the industry. If your Cheektowaga business is in one of those industries, you could face fines or worse by not providing hearing tests for your employees. With audiology testing from Healthworks WNY, your business will be fully compliant with all local, state, and federal regulations.