Cheektowaga Pulmonary Testing

Have you applied for a position, such as welding, painting or asbestos removal jobs, that requires you to get a lung test before you can be formally hired? Or, are you struggling to keep your breathing disorder, such as asthma, under control? Do you want a quick and convenient place in the greater Buffalo area to get the pulmonary testing you need? Our linic can help.

What is pulmonary testing?Cheektowaga Pulmonary Testing

Pulmonary testing is a clinical term for measuring the capacity of a person's lungs to take in air and release oxygen from that air into the bloodstream. Oxygen is essential to promote cell growth and keep us healthy. A number of conditions can hamper a person's lung capacity. Just a few of these include asthma, COPD, certain forms of cancer and emphysema. In addition, outside factors, such as smoking or exposure to paint fumes, can reduce a person's lung function.

Pulmonary testing at Healthworks WNY

Pulmonary testing is need for a variety of reasons. It can help doctors match the appropriate treatment to a person's lung function. It is also sometimes required by employers for job candidates for positions that require a person to where a respirator while they work. OSHA laws mandate such testing so that employers know a worker lungs can tolerate working with such a device.

To learn more about pulmonary testing in the Cheektowaga area, contact Healtworks WNY at 716 712-0670 X3262. Our three Buffalo area clinics offer a variety of on-site medical services, including pulmonary testing.