Spirometry Testing Services For Cheektowaga, NY

Healthworks WNY offers a variety of occupational testing services and excels at providing timely services that comply with Cheektowaga, New York and federal occupational regulations. Pulmonary testing is a common medical test that can be required in some occupational injury events or to monitor or diagnose a medical condition. Pulmonary tests relate to the lungs and can measure lung performance, capacity and determine if damage to this sensitive organ has occurred. One of the most frequently used pulmonary tests is spirometry, which is a measurement of the capacity of the lungs and how swiftly air can be inhaled and expelled. This is an easy, and fairly risk-free, test to determine the health of the lungs.

Spirometry Testing Preparation

Cheektowaga Spirometry Testing

To prepare for a spirometry test with Healthworks in Cheektowaga, confirm with your doctor whether you should take any of your prescribed medications prior to the test. Some medications may affect your lung performance and skew your testing results. Let the technician at Healthworks WNY know about any health conditions you may have prior to your spirometry testing. The most common side effects of spirometry are dizziness and breathlessness. These are generally temporary and do not cause any long term harm.

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Spirometry and other lung function tests may be ordered if you are exposed to gases, fumes or other chemicals during your employment. Lung function testing may also be recommended prior to employment, as a condition to ensure good health. The doctors at Healthworks WNY can provide you the results of your spirometry. Common conditions that are found during this testing include emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, and asthma. These conditions can restrict your lung capacity and cause you difficulty breathing in certain circumstances. Being aware of these conditions will help you maintain a better quality of life and ensure you receive proper treatment. Healthworks WNY offers mobile occupational testing in the Cheektowaga area, as well as three established locations. If spirometry has been recommended for you, please contact Healthworks WNY for an appointment.