Hamburg Audiology Testing

Hearing loss is an ever present danger in almost every line of work. Loud noises, constant repetitive noises, physical injury, or even diseases can cause hearing damage or loss. And hearing loss, when undetected and untreated, can be a threat to your Hamburg business. Undiscovered hearing loss can both threaten the safety of your employees, especially if you work in a high risk industry like construction, and can decrease workplace productivity, costing your business money. The best way to protect against the consequences of hearing loss to your Hamburg business is to get regular audiology testing from Healthworks WNY.

New Hire TestingHamburg Audiology Testing

When you get audiology testing from Healthworks WNY the first thing we do is set up baseline testing for all your current and future employees. This baseline testing ensures that we can accurately determine whether your employees are suffering hearing loss and how bad their hearing loss is if they are suffering it. This benefits both the health of your employees and your business in the long run.

Regular Testing and Required Testing

At Healthworks WNY we recommend performing regular audiology testing on your employees no matter what industry you work in. For some industries, though, testing is mandatory in order to stay compliant with government regulations. If you work in one of those industries, Healthworks WNY provides testing that is 100% compliant with all regulations. Not only are you protecting the health of your employees and the efficiency of your business by getting testing from Healthworks WNY, you are avoiding expensive fines or sanctions from failing to comply with government regulations.

Convenient Locations

One of the main advantages to getting audiology testing from Healthworks WNY for your Hamburg business is that we make the testing process convenient for your business. We offer three nearby convenient locations for testing and also have a mobile testing center that can test your employees while they are at work. Contact us today to schedule testing that is most convenient for your busy schedule.