Industrial Hearing Conversation Services Buffalo, NY

There can be no doubt when it comes to the importance of hearing conservation in our industry. There is a great need to ensure that all of your employee's hearing is at a level that satisfies all requirements. Hearing is absolutely essential to help ensure safety on a job site. Healthworks WNY offers a robust program to help promote industrial hearing conservation in Buffalo.

Industrial Hearing Conservation BuffaloAll employers in this industry must establish and maintain an audiometric testing program. Audiometric testing monitors an employee's hearing over time. In order to ensure industrial hearing conservation, there are several important parts of a well-rounded audiometric testing program that must be adhered to. These tests include baseline audiograms, annual audiograms, testing, and follow-up procedures. These tests must be offered at no cost to all employees exposed to an action level of 85 decibels, or above, over an 8-hour time frame. Luckily, Healthworks WNY provides all of these tests as part of our industrial hearing conservation program for Buffalo companies like yours.

Buffalo Industrial Hearing Conservation

Baseline Audiogram: The baseline audiogram is used to establish a frame of reference against which all future audiograms are compared. Baseline audiograms must be provided within 6 months of first exposure at or above 8-hours of 85db.

Annual Audiograms: Our industrial hearing conservation program in Buffalo also includes annual audiograms. Employers must provide an annual audiogram within 1 year of the baseline audiogram. The annual audiogram is essential in order to measure the deterioration of hearing ability of the worker, and to identify any deterioration as early as possible. The earlier deterioration is detected, the easier it is to establish protective follow-up measures before the worker's hearing loss progresses. The annual audiogram is measured against the baseline audiogram to determine deterioration rates.

For maximum protection (of both your employee and your company) and to test specifically for the ability to hear warning signals, an audiogram should be performed:

  • Pre-employment
  • One year afterward for comparison
  • Every two years thereafter
  • Prior to assignment in a noisy area
  • At re-assignment out of a noisy area
  • At the termination of employment


Healthworks WNY offers hearing tests as part of our industrial hearing conservation services in Buffalo, at any of our 3 convenient locations, or as part of our mobile occupational health services. If you are interested in taking advantage of industrial hearing conservation services in Buffalo, contact Healthworks WNY today.