The Value of On-site Drug Screening in WNY

Employers definitely must feel confidence in their employees. Employees do have to be able to handle the job required of them and do so in a professional manner. Workers who are under the influence of drugs most assuredly cannot guarantee their ability to perform their duties effectively. Businesses that wish to institute reliable on-site drug screening in WNY should contact HealthWorks Western New York to discuss options for such a program.

Productivity Troubles and Liability Risks

Employees who are batting drug and alcohol dependency issues drag down the productivity of a business. Decreased productivity means decreased profits, poor customer service, and a host of other troubles. Actually, the greatest financial impact could come in the form of liabilities an impaired employee presents. Consider this another reason why having on-site drug screening in WNY is a good plan.

WNY On-Site Drug Screening

On-Site Drug Screening in WNYSomeone who is under the influence of drugs could harass or even cause serious injury to customers, clients, or fellow employees. This is why steps must be taken to determine address the issue or outright prevent it. You simply cannot assume someone is impaired though. Only through comprehensive on-site drug screening in WNY services can you be sure. HealthWorks Western New York can help.

Preventive Steps to Reduce Liability

The best way avoid liabilities in the office is to prevent them from ever rearing. Through effective on-site drug screening in WNY testing, potential employees who have substance abuse issues are never hired. Random testing ensures those who are hired stay clean. All parties end up benefiting from this since awkward situations are avoided.

Hiring the Right Service

For all your on-site drug screening in WNY requirements, contact HealthWorks Western New York. The company has the right personnel with the necessary experience to do what is required. Call today to discuss your options with a representative.