Orchard Park Audiology Testing

Unless you've ever suffered with a severe inner ear infection or suffered with balance problems, you may not realize that your ears are responsible for more than just hearing. The inner ear area also plays a role in balance. When this area is suffering in any way, especially from an infection, balance and equilibrium can be affected. When it comes to maintaining one's health, hearing is vital in and of itself, but so is balance. And this is why you can count on the professional and caring staff of Occupational Physicians at HealthWorks WNY to provide Orchard Park audiology testing to workers in western NY.

Loss of Hearing Could be DangerousOrchard Park Audiology Testing

In certain occupations and situation, particularly in occupations such as in the construction industry, healthcare industry, law enforcement, and industrial industries, one's hearing could mean the difference between life and death. This is why it's important to do routine Orchard Park audiology testing to ensure that workers in these occupations are not experiencing any hearing difficulties.

Also, for workers who work on top of tall buildings in construction, it's important to ensure that their balance is not suffering in any way. This could be dangerous for these workers. Some industries actually require audiology testing during the hiring process and annually to ensure that an employee does not have a hearing problem. These tests are provided completely free of charge at the expense of the employer.

What to Expect with Orchard Park Audiology Testing

When you meet with the professional staff of HealthWorks WNY for your comprehensive audiology test, you can count on our staff to meet all necessary guidelines during the testing process. The first step in the testing process involves a baseline audiogram test. This baseline test is then followed by future testing later to determine whether or not there have been any changes with the employee's ears. For employers required to provide this test, it is generally performed within 6 months of hiring.

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