Orchard Park Occupational Physician

One of the major goals of any business is to minimize workplace injuries. Besides decreasing efficiency and production, workplace injuries also make a company vulnerable to lawsuits or financial penalties. But as much as we try, some workplace injuries are unavoidable. When these injuries do inevitably occur, you want to employ the best occupational physician services in Orchard Park. Not only will great Orchard Park occupational physician services help your employee recover that much more quickly, but providing great medical services will also protect your company from lawsuits and state fines.

Professional Services Devoted to Occupational MedicineOrchard Park Occupational Physician

When you get the services of an occupational physician in Orchard Park from Healthworks WNY, you are receiving medical attention from highly trained professionals that are specifically trained in the field of occupational medicine. Our physicians not only specialize in occupational medicine, but they are trained in all safety regulations and receive up-to-date refresher training every year. This training includes:

  • DOT Requirements
  • NYS Board of Workers Compensation Requirements
  • OSHA Compliance Standards

When Healthworks WNY provides one of your employees with an occupational physician in Orchard Park you can be confident that your employee is receiving medical attention from a physician that is intimately familiar with workplace injuries and knows exactly the best medical procedures to treat them efficiently and prevent further accidents. 

Convenient Locations

While we can prevents time lost from a workplace accident, at Healthworks WNY, we do make an effort to limit the time lost. As such, we have three different locations where you can receive the services of an occupational physician in Orchard Park. Our offices are open for both appointments and walk-ins and we offer plenty of parking space. We will make every possible effort to treat your employee quickly and then return them to work in a safe and healthy manner when you receive occupational physician services from us.

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