Orchard Park Pulmonary Testing

In certain occupations, routine pulmonary testing is necessary to ensure that employees can safely wear a respirator when necessary to perform work-related tasks and/or in emergency situations. Additionally, employers need to remain in full-compliance with various federal and state rules and regulations.

These regulations of course include, OSHA. To remain in full-compliance with New York State and OSHA, employers need to have employees undergo routine annual pulmonary testing in Orchard Park.

Pulmonary testing is performed by medical professionals of HealthWorks WNY to determine the health of an employee's lungs and whether or not the employee is fully-capable of wearing a respirator or not. Routine testing is necessary as an employee's health, including lung health, may change in-time.

What to Expect with Pulmonary Testing ServicesOrchard Park Pulmonary Testing

Testing takes no time at all and is performed by a competent team of highly-trained medical professionals. Pulmonary testing with HealthWorks WNY involves the measurement of the following:

  • Forced Vital Capacity (FVC)
  • Forced Expiratory Volume (FEV1)
  • Forced Expiratory Flow (FEF)

An accurate measurement of the above variables allows the medical professional providing the testing to determine the employee's lung capacity. Upon completion of the exam, we'll know whether or not your employee is capable of wearing a respirator on-the-job and we'll make a recommendation based on testing results.

Orchard Park testing is available to employers at any of the HealthWorks WNY locations or by requesting our on-site mobile services. Mobile services are available to employers who need us to come to them. Our mobile services are a convenient option for both employers and employees.

To learn more about pulmonary testing in Orchard Park with HealthWorks WNY or to go ahead and set something up to have your employees tested, contact us today. Your request can be made online or by simply giving us a call.