Williamsville Audiology Testing

When you work in an industry where you are exposed to high noise pollution or have to rely on your balance, you want the very best in health care and audiology testing to ensure you have healthy ears. That's where the expertise of the physicians at Healthworks WNY comes in; here you will get the best in occupational Williamsville audiology testing. Whether you are in construction, law enforcement, or an industrial job, maintaining healthy hearing and balance is imperative.

Williamsville Audiology Testing

Hearing Tests Are Required For Some Occupations

In the state of New York audiometric testing (testing that measures hearing over a period of time) is required for employees who are exposed to what is known as an action level of 85 decibels or above, in an 8-hour time-weighted average (TWA). This testing must be provided to employees at no cost and within six months of being hired. Two tests are required, the initial baseline test and a follow up test one year after the baseline. At Healthworks WNY, you will get all of the important elements of occupational audiology testing that you need.

Why Healthworks WNY

For all of your Williamsville audiology testing needs, Healthworks WNY provides experienced occupational medicine physicians who understand and adhere to all testing guidelines. Physicians will perform the initial baseline testing as well as the one year follow up test and all other tests that are needed. All hearing instruments are calibrated annually based on manufacturer's instructions and all tests (baseline and follow ups) are conveniently performed in the same location. Healthy ears and balance (which is effected by your inner ear) are an integral part of remaining safe on the job, so don't trust your ear health to just anyone. You can rest assured that the knowledgeable physicians at Healthworks WNY can take care of all of your audiology testing needs.

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