WNY Audiology Testing

It is a fact that hearing loss is both prevalent and of extreme concern in the construction and industrial industries. This type of hearing loss is generally caused by exposure to loud machinery and equipment. It occurs over a period of time and requires prompt attention. This is why it's important to perform continuous, routine WNY audiology testing for employees, especially employees who work in a field where hearing loss could lead to dangerous situations.

The Baseline Audiogram and the Annual Audiogram

WNY Audiology Testing

New hires requiring a hearing exam will receive a comprehensive and robust baseline audiogram. This will help employers to determine the hearing level of employees at the date of hire. The baseline results will later be compared to routine annual audiogram results to determine whether or not the employee's hearing level has remained the same or has deteriorated.

A Requirement for Some Occupations

For occupations involving exposure to decibel levels of 85 or higher, WNY audio testing is a requirement in the state of NY and must be provided to employees within 6 months of hire. Once the baseline has been obtained, employers must follow-up with annual evaluations. These annual hearing reviews enable employees to act quickly in the event that there has been a hearing loss due to exposure to high decibel levels.

Testing Sites

When your employees are in need of hearing testing in Western New York, we can come to you or you can send employees to any one of our convenient three locations. Thanks to our mobile testing van, we can send a team to your location, making it easier than ever for employees to obtain the much needed audiology testing they need at a time and location that's convenient for all.

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