Mobile Health Services For WNY

A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce, both because employees aren't calling off sick and because they will generally have better morale. With tens to hundreds of employees all occupying the same work space, it can be difficult to keep employees in peak condition. When one employee gets sick, there is a good chance that other employees will come down with the same illness, cascading into thousands of lost or low production work hours. Health clinics, testing, and immunizations from the mobile health services of Healthworks WNY will help ensure that the workforce at your western New York business is in the best condition possible.

Scheduling a Mobile Health Screening

Scheduling mobile health services from Healthworks WNY for the employees of your western New York business is quite simple. Our services are available year round and as the name suggests, we will travel to your business to provide services. This reduces the time it takes for an individual employee to receive health services. It also ensures that all of your employees receive the services at roughly the same time. Additionally, we even provide health services for third shift employees, which means this won't interfere with the sleep or work schedules of those employees.

Available Services

Mobile health services from Healthworks WNY are incredibly varied. Our mobile location has a full medical bay and laboratory. This allows our team to provide full physicals, offer immunizations and boosters, provide drug and alcohol testing, and to offer hearing exams. Additionally, we provide health counseling and wellness clinics that your entire staff can attend. These clinics lead to better overall health and may help decrease insurance costs and premiums.

If you are concerned about the health of your employees or looking for options to decrease liability, contact Healthworks WNY to schedule an appointment for a visit from our western New York mobile health services.