WNY On-site Work Physicals

Healthy workers are more productive, provide better customer service, and will cost you less in insurance costs. There is a lot of value to your western New York business to hire physically fit and healthy workers and to provide services that help them maintain their health throughout their employment with you. A major portion of maintaining the health of your workers is providing regular onsite work physicals. The easiest way to provide that service for your western New York business is to get health services from Healthworks WNY.

Convenient Service

One of the main advantages to getting health services from Healthworks WNY is that we offer onsite services that are scheduled for your convenience. Our mobile health facilities will bring onsite work physicals to you, which means your workers will miss little time while getting a physical. Additionally, our appointment times are flexible enough that we can provide onsite work physicals for both second and third shift employees. That is convenience that saves you time and money.

Specialized Examss

At Healthworks WNY, we can do more than just check the general health of your workers. We offer a good selection of specialized exams, including 19A exams, audiograms, DOT physicals, tuberculosis exams, and respirator clearance. With these specialized exams, you can ensure that your workforce meets all industry standards.

In addition, we also offer alcohol and drug testing, both scheduled and random.

Insurance Savings

While onsite work physicals from Healthworks WNY will ensure that your western New York business stays compliant with all workplace health laws, it can also save you on insurance premiums. Regular check ups will keep your workforce healthier, which means they will make fewer claims. Furthermore, we also offer health seminars that may earn you discounts on your health insurance.

If you need onsite work physicals for your western New York workforce, contact Healthworks WNY today.