WNY Pulmonary Testing

To make sure that your place of employment remains in complete compliance with federal and state regulatory agencies, employees may be required to obtain routine WNY pulmonary testing. This type of testing is required in specific occupations as part of the new hire process and for routine evaluations of employee lung health.

It's necessary in occupations where employees depend upon the functions of a respirator when on-the-job. Respiratory-use may be required regularly or during emergency situations only. Regardless of how often the respirator is used, it's vital to make sure that the employee's health is up-to-par when wearing one to avoid a dangerous situation.

Why Routine Testing is NecessaryWNY Pulmonary Testing

Routine testing is just as important as new hire testing as an employee's lung health could potentially deteriorate in-time for various reasons. If the employee's lung health has deteriorated, it may no longer be safe for the employee to wear a respirator on-the-job. Routine testing is generally performed once annually to catch problems early-on.

WNY Pulmonary Testing Services

HealthWorks WNY pulmonary testing services may be performed on-site at your place of employment or at one of our three convenient Western New York locations. Whether testing is performed on-site or at one of our locations, testing is completed by a team of fully-trained medical professionals.

Our mobile van makes it simple for employees to obtain these services and testing is a fairly quick process. During a pulmonary test, we measure an employees forced vital capacity (FVC), forced expiratory volume (FEV1), and forced expiratory flow (FEF).

Results are also fairly quick and are sent to employers right away. Results of tests performed will include our medical recommendation as to whether or not it is safe for an employee to continue wearing a respirator mask.

To inquire further regarding our WNY pulmonary testing services or to schedule a time for employee testing, contact HealthWorks WNY today. Don't forget to ask us about our mobile services!