WNY Workplace Physical Exam

Does your western New York business require employees to engage in strenuous physical activities like lifting or carrying heavy objects? Is it the kind of work that can potentially injure someone who isn't physically capable of engaging in it for hours at a time? If this is the case, you need to ensure that all employees are physically capable of performing the work expected of them. This isn't simply to ensure that needed work gets done, but also protects your business from lawsuits related to workplace related accidents and protects your workers from injuries. A workplace physical exam from Healthworks WNY will ensure that all workers are physically capable of safely performing duties at your business.

Benefits of a Workplace Physical Exam

Your business will benefit from making Healthworks WNY exams mandatory for all new or potential hires in a number of ways.

  • Decreased Workplace Accidents - Physically fit workers are less likely to be involved in accidents
  • Decreased Liabilities - By reducing the risk factor, you decrease the liabilities of your business. This is likely to decrease insurance premiums for your business and workers
  • Expert Physicians - The physicians at Healthworks WNY specialize in workplace evaluations, which means they are more capable of determining whether workers can safely perform duties than doctors that perform standard physicals
  • Improved Employee Health - Part of being a good employer is protecting the health of your employees, when possible. These exams can potentially discover serious medical conditions before they seriously impact the health of your employee


Put Health and Safety First

Employees that feel healthy and safe at work are more motivated and better workers. When your western New York business provides workplace physical exams from Healthworks WNY for your current and future employees, you are putting a priority on the health and safety of your workforce. If worker efficiency and safety is important to your business, schedule an appointment immediately with Healthworks WNY.