MRO drug testersMRO Drug Testing For Amherst, NY

If you are in the Amherst, NY area and need (Medical Review Officer) MRO drug testing, rely on HealthWorks WNY. Our medical review officers are licensed physicians who are responsible for receiving and reviewing your lab results from your drug test. These drug tests, typically administered by your employers drug testing program, are reviewed by our MRO for accurate results and reporting on the drug test. Having MRO drug testing provides quality assurance and reliability for the integrity of the test for both parties involved. 

MRO drug testing is more than a simple test, there is typically an interview process that covers any possible legitimate medical factors or scenarios that may affect the outcome of the drug test. This is important because if such an instance is to occur, the medical review officer can overturn the test results. Again, this of course will be a decision that is influenced by legitimate medical factors. This is why it is important to consider MRO drug testing if you are an employer looking to screen new employees.

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Our fully trained and credentialed staff consisting of practical nurses, medical assistants, and x-ray technicians provide the best occupational medicine services in the area. We have many mobile services available, allowing us to travel right to your location and provide testing services on site. 

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