Spirometry Testing Services For Williamsville, NY

Spirometry Testing, Williamsville, NYPulmonary health testing is an important type of occupational health testing that should be made regularly available to employees of Williamsville, NY businesses. This type of testing can determine whether employees have, or are susceptible to, a host of conditions, including asthma, cystic fibrosis, and COPD. Spirometry testing is a simple, easy to perform pulmonary health testing that gets fast and reliable results with little interruption of the work day. In the Williamsville area, the best source for this type of testing is Healthworks WNY.

Three Convenient Locations, including Williamsville, NY

Healthworks WNY runs testing out of three locations in the Williamsville, NY area. This allows employers to choose the most convenient location for spirometry testing, as well as the large variety of other occupational health tests provided by Healthworks WNY.

In addition to these locations, employers can take advantage of the mobile service offered by Healthworks WNY. This mobile laboratory offers every type of testing available at the traditional locations. This allows employers to schedule testing such that their employees don't have to leave the work site and such that all employees can be tested in a single day.

Importance of Spirometry Testing

Employee health has a significant impact on employee efficiency. Employees that suffer from undiscovered pulmonary diseases are likely to work inefficiently. By taking appropriate actions to discover pulmonary diseases, employees will save money in the long run.

Simple Test

Spirometry testing is one of the most simple types of occupational health tests. It takes only a few moments to perform and results are available almost immediately. By exhaling into a spirometer, the employee creates a graph known as a spirogram. This graph allows a trained technician to identify the rate of airflow of the employee. This information is then used to determine whether an employee is suffering from any pulmonary problems that require corrective measures in the workplace.

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Pulmonary testing is quick, inexpensive, and highly effective at protecting the health of employees. Any business in the Williamsville, NY area that is seeking spirometry testing should contact Healthworks WNY today to schedule an appointment for employee testing.