Workplace Wellness Programs For Amherst, NY

Health promotion is generally defined as "the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve their health," and Healthworks WNY is committed to promoting health in the WNY workplace. We are experts in optimizing a workplace to be one that promotes this definition. We offer a wide range of health services that help to strive towards health awareness.

The physical and mental health of a workforce is very important in not only productivity but on an individual level. Workplace wellness programs (or corporate well being) are incredibly popular and beneficial to the job environment.  

Healthworks will assess demographics and conduct interest surveys to provide useful programs that will affect your bottom line. 

Knowledge Is Power

One of the great benefits of our workplace wellness programs is that the tools and knowledge that individuals can gain from our services can be carried over into their personal life. A few examples of this would be a company that allows for flex time so their employees can exercise, financial incentives for making healthy changes to daily routines, and nutritional education. These are all things that can help drive healthier lifestyles and promote a positive attitude. When people feel good and are healthy and motivated, it can absolutely show in their work ethic.

Buffalo Workplace Wellness ProgramsWe Make It Easy

To get workplace wellness services you don’t have to jump through hoops. If you are in the Amherst, NY area, we can come out to your workplace and set up shop on your site. We have a custom-designed trailer that pulls up and is secluded from the inside of your workplace. This helps to reduce workplace disruptions while individuals or groups go out and start learning how they can improve their well-being.

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Your employees give you so much. Giving them information on how to optimize their health and well-being is a great thing you can do for them. See how we can help - contact us!