Williamsville Drug Testing

Let Healthworks WNY, western New York's premiere occupational health facility, take care of all of your workplace drug screening needs.

Who Needs Company Drug Testing

Department of Transportation (DOT) employers are required to administer drug testing. To find out if your company has mandated drug testing click here -

Non-DOT companies are also encouraged to have written guidelines explaining their drug policies. Drug tests are performed to prevent hiring people who use drugs, to ensure that employees don't abuse drugs, and that employees aren't impaired to provide a safe working environment. Healthworks WNY has the experience and knowledge to handle all of your Williamsville workplace drug screening needs.

How Healthworks WNY Can Serve Your Company

As one of the top occupational health facilities in Western New York, Healthworks WNY is the trusted center for workplace drug screenings. Healthworks WNY offers experienced, licensed physicians who are MRO (medical review officer) certified to interpret test results and a comprehensive drug screening program. All collections are done by Certified Specimen Collectors, and staff at Healthworks WNY are knowledgeable about all DOT rules and regulations. Healthworks WNY provides multiple services for your convenience.

DOT workplace drug screenings include the following:

Non-DOT workplace drug screenings include the following:

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With over forty years experience in the occupational health care field, Healthworks WNY has an excellent reputation for providing quality drug testing services for western New York. For all of your Williamsville workplace drug testing needs, contact Healthworks WNY today.